About Me

Hello, if you are reading this you are thinking about making some life changes and looking for some direction.  I'm sure you would like to know more about me before making your final decision on signing up with my program.

I hope that you are able to connect with my story, and that you will allow me to be a chapter in your fitness life style. You may also see more of my story and what I'm up to on my YouTube channel Barely Blind Fitness. 

High school was a bit of a challenge for me, in addition to having a visual impairment I was fairly overweight.  However, I stayed determined and focused on my academics, and community service.  I have always had a drive to support others and my community because in my heart it is what I feel is right. The last half of my high school career I found the gym to be a perfect escape that gave me an outlet to show my determination to improve.  Even though I spent a lot of time in the gym, and continued to improve rapidly in physical strength, I couldn't figure out why I wasn't loosing weight. 

My hard work in high school played a large role in paying for college were I achieved a bachelors' degree in psychology, and an associate's degree in criminal justice studies from Westminster College.  During this time I developed terrible eating habits due to stress, poor meal plaining, failing to reward myself properly, not maintaining a regular exercise routine, and other contributing factors lead me to steadily gain weight over the four years.  I tried to stay relatively active, diet, and take care of my self, but I never seemed to be able to stick with anything because I was forcing myself too much. By the time I graduated I weighed close to 275 lbs.

Just before I graduated I saw a TED talk in one of my classes about mindful eating which made sense to me, and I connected with what the speaker was saying on a psychological level.  As soon as I came home from graduating I started to make simple adjustments to my portion sizes, and noticed that I was feeling better simply because I wasn't over eating.  Which lead me to start having more energy to work out again.  From there I started to rapidly loose weight,  and tone up a little more.  When I started to slow down with my progression I started to work with a personal trainer, I learned even more about nutrition, and I found a level of determination that I didn't know I had.  As I continued more things began to click for me.  Eventually I was able to get into good enough shape that I was able to start taking jiu jitsu and kick boxing which always seemed like unobtainable goals to me. 

In the course of about a year I went from believing that I was just going to be out of shape for the rest of my life, to loosing 70 lbs and fitting in clothes that I couldn't even fit into when I was in middle school.

When COVID-19 struck the job I had did not provide what I was looking for, so I left to pursue something more meaningful to me.  I knew that I wanted to help people still, and I had this new love for fitness which I wanted to share with the world.  I remembered how much of an impact my personal trainer had on my life, so I decided to get my certifications in personal training, and weight management so I could further pursue my passions. Here I was able to start to make sense of the ever lasting bond between nutrition, and exercise.

I am not someone who fitness came easy to, I had to struggle, and fight to find that realization of how much better life is with a healthy life style. That leads me to this point in time declaring who I am, and what my business is.  I am someone who truly understands just how difficult those first steps are into a healthy life style.  I am the type of person that if you are coming to me as a client you will get nothing short of my best, because that is what my clients deserve.  I know that there is always room for improvement, and I fail only when I stop making those improvements. 

This program does a lot of resistance interval training, but just as each person reading this will have different reactions to this story, I offer different programs because different people have different needs. I am not going to pass off some cookie cutter plan that you are going to get sick of in a few weeks because it doesn't take into account your life style. Your program is going to change and evolve based on your body, your progress, your life style, your goals and your interests.  I want to work with you to help you discover your well-being, so that you can find permanent health satisfaction at a lower investment than typical personal trainers.  In the process I hope to help you learn more about reaching goals, and bring out that best healthy you waiting to come out to the world. 

Working with me you may have some tough times physically and emotionally, but if you are willing to put in the work I guarantee you will be amazed by the changes you never thought possible.